Tuesday, July 10, 2012

$375,000 Verdict in Head-on Crash

A woman was driving in East Hanover, Morris County, N.J. when she collided head on with a pickup truck.  The woman sued the driver of the other vehicle for negligence and the owner for being vicariously liable.  Frank Tunnero, Esq. of Aiello, Harris, Marth, Tunnero, Pastor & Schiffman, P.C. represented the woman, who was diagnosed with disc herniations at C5-6 and C6-7, which resulted in a course of physical therapy. 

It was later found that the herniated discs were impinging on the surrounding spinal cord nerves.  Her orthopedic surgeon testified that the accident caused a permanent injury and that she is a surgical candidate for a fusion.  The plaintiff is a teacher who spends a significant amount of time standing in the classroom and writing on the blackboard.  Despite the plaintiff’s constant neck pain, restricted cervical motion, and ongoing tingling and numbness in three fingers, she said the fusion surgery was not an option because its risks could prevent her from working for an indefinite period of time.

The plaintiff’s suit sought only non-economic damages, for past and future pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.  Mr. Tunnero’s client was awarded $375,000 in damages.

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$500,000 for Collision Injuries

A Hillsborough woman was a passenger in a car that was stopped at a light at Summerhill and Cranbury roads in East Brunswick, New Jersey.  The car was rear-ended by a car driven by an underinsured motorist carrier.  The woman sustained back and spine injuries that required surgery.

The client of Christopher G. Aiello, Esq. and Evan M. Harris, Esq. of Aiello, Harris, Marth, Tunnero, Pastor & Schiffman, P.C. received the full insurance coverage of $300,000 from the defendant and $200,000 from the UIM carrier, New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Co.

$500,000 for Wrongful Death

At a Perth Amboy intersection, a woman was struck and sustained injuries including broken ribs, a fractured skull and swelling of the brain, which eventually led to her death seven months later.  Until her death, the woman was bedridden, in great pain, and was unable to speak.  She had a tracheotomy because of problems with breathing and vomiting, she also suffered pneumonia, septic shock, urinary tract infections and gastritis that led to several other tests and physical therapy which amounted to a medical tab of $907,524.

The defendant owned a $500,000 liability policy with New Jersey Manufactures Insurance.  Evan M. Harris, Esq. of Aiello, Harris, Marth, Tunnero, Pastor & Schiffman, P.C. agreed to settle for the full policy amount.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Suit Over Disk Injuries Suffered in Car Accident Settles for $850,000

An Elizabeth man was struck by another car that was attempting to make a right turn from the left lane while driving in the right lane on North Avenue in Scotch Plains. He suffered two herniated disks and had to undergo two operations to remove a disk and fuse vertebrae with bone and plates.  He was unable to return to his job as a utilities engineer for Lord & Taylor, Inc.  The defendant sued the other car’s driver whose insurer is Allstate Insurance Co.      

Evan M. Harris, Esq. of Aiello, Harris, Marth, Tunnero, Pastor & Schiffman, P.C. was able to settle the case for $850,000.

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$1.3M for Fall in Somerset County

A Raritan woman was leaving the Time to Eat Diner in Bridgewater, N.J. and fell on the steps that had formed ice while she was inside.  She suffered spinal injuries, which required her to have two surgeries, leaving her disabled.

The woman was represented by Christopher G. Aiello, Esq. and Evan M. Harris, Esq. of Aiello, Harris, Marth, Tunnero, Pastor & Schiffman, P.C. located in Watchung, N.J.

Mr. Aiello and Mr. Harris said their expert estimated that their client suffered $1.7 million in lost wages.  The defense argued that their client held responsibility for the accident because she was wearing three-inch heels and that the ice formed too quickly for the diner to clear the steps.

Mr. Aiello and Mr. Harris settled the case in Somerset County for $1.3 million.

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$650,000 for Slip and Fall

Evan M. Harris, Esq. and James R. Pastor, Esq. of Aiello, Harris, Marth, Tunnero, Pastor & Schiffman, P.C., through their East Brunswick office, settled a Middlesex County suit for $650,000.

Mr. Harris and Mr. Pastor's client, a Wakefern Food Corp. worker, slipped in a puddle of hydraulic fluid at the Wakefern facility in Elizabeth, N.J, which resulted in striking his head, breaking several teeth, and suffering spinal injuries.  The client was unable to return to work due to continuing back pain after undergoing two operations for disc herniations at L5-S1. 

The plaintiff asserted that hydraulic fluid leaks were a problem that Wakefern heedlessly failed to fix, and thus sued Wakefern Food Corp. for negligence.  Wakefern’s lawyer, averred that the company had no notice of the hazard and that the plaintiff should have been more careful because of his knowledge of the warehouse.

The case was settled after mediation with retired Superior Court Judge Mark Epstein.

Clinton Township Municipal Court

Man arrested in Clinton Township, Hunterdon County for violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:24-4, a crime of the third degree for driving while intoxicated N.J.S.A 39:4-50 with children in the car. 

The Aiello Harris firm was able to convince the Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office to dismiss the third degree crime (felony) and remand the case to the Municipal Court with a lower charge as a disorderly person’s defense (misdemeanor).

As a result of these efforts, no indictment was returned against the defendant.  The matter was eventually adjudicated in Clinton Township Municipal Court located at 1370 Route 31, North Annandale, N.J. 08801 before the Honorable Eric M. Perkins.

The Aiello Harris firm has 10 locations in N.J. This case was handled through their Flemington office located at 260 Route 202, Flemington, N.J. 08822.

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